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  • Do I need to have experience before coming to class?
    You do NOT need to have any prior experience to take any of our Intro or Beginner Level Classes and we welcome first-timers. Whether you are brand new to Boxing and fitness, or just want a refresher on the basics, these classes are for you. The instructor will always provide modifications applicable for every fitness level and those who may have injuries or any kind of issues. We always encourage you to workout at your own pace. We will specify if a class requires experience- it will be labeled as Intermediate or Advanced.
  • What equipment do I need...I don't have wraps or gloves?
    We do recommend you bring your own gloves and handwraps for Boxing Classes however if you do not have them they are not required. Wraps can be purchased at the gym for $10 at the front desk or you can bring your own (180" stronly recommended). Quick wraps are also great if you don't know how to wrap your hands yet. We do have gloves you can borrow for class however we do try to keep this number limited. Gloves come in different sizes determined by weight ranging from 10 oz. to 16 oz. Choosing a glove size largely depends on your own preference (lighter or heavier gloves) however 14 oz. gloves are a great starting point as a middle weight glove.
  • Do I need to sign up for class first?
    Yes! Signing up for class helps us plan and ensures we will have enough room and equipment to acoomodate everyone. Members will be asked to make an account on MindBody so you can sign up for classes online or through the MindBodymobile app.
  • What should I wear or bring to class?
    We really really encourage HYDRATION! Please bring a water bottle to class, we have a filtered water station so you can refill your bottle at anytime. We do not currently water at the gym. We encourage you to wear anything that makes you feel the most comfiortable to move around in- there is no dress code! We do recommend wearing breathable clothing for sweating, things like "Dri-Fit" and other synthetic materials are great because they are moisture wicking and dry fast. We also recommend a change of clothes, if you do break a sweat it is always nice to have a dry outfit to change into for the way home. We also recommend you wear comfortable sneakers such as running shoes, or cross trainining shoes. You do not need to wear Boxing specific shoes.
  • Are there changing rooms and bathrooms?
    Yes! We have GENDER NEUTRAL changing rooms and fact our entire facility is non-gendered (as it should be!) You are welcome to change in the single stall bathrooms or use our larger changing area. There are cubbies for your belongings and a place to hang your jackets. (Lockers are coming soon)
  • What to expect from class?
    Our class descriptions can be found on the webiste- generally classes are 1 hour and are designed to acommodate all levels of fitness and all bodies. That being said, come prepared to sweat and learn a new skill. Many of our participants are new or first timers and stepping out of their comfort zone. There is no pressure to be an expert- come have fun and learn with us!
  • I have an injury, can I still participate?"
    Yes! As long as you have medical clearance to excerise and it will not cause further harm you are welcome to come to class. Let the instructor know privately if you have any injuries and we can always provide modifications for each movement. Please do not do any motions that are not comfortable or feel dangerous to you. We encourage everyone to go at their own pace and listen to their bodies, keeping safety as a top priority.
  • Is class only for LGBTQ+ folks?
    While our classes are LGBTQ+ centered, you do not need to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community to join us. We aim to hold classes that folks can feel comfortable and be their truest self. We have ZERO tolerance for any harassment, disrepectful behavior, or misues of people's pronouns. We also do not allow for any sexual misconduct, inappropriate verbal comments, or any general creepyness. You will be asked to leave if you cannot uphold these values.
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