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Outbox Gym is a LGBTQ+ centered boxing and fitness space. Our facilities are non-gendered including bathroom and changing areas. We know gyms can be intimidating, so we aim for our space to be as welcoming as possible!



  • Heavy Bags

  • Boxing Ring

  • Free Glove Rental

  • Speed Bag

  • Jump Ropes

  • All-Levels Boxing Classes

  • Intermediate to Advanced Boxing Classes

  • Sparring Classes and Workshops

  • Two Treadmills

  • Elliptical

  • StairMaster

  • Peck Fly Machine

  • Leg Press Machine

  • Functional Cable Machine

  • Lat Pulldown/Row Machine

  • Rower

  • Squat Racks

  • Dumbells

  • Kettlebells

  • Barbells

  • Medicine Balls

  • BOSU Ball

  • Strength Classes

  • 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ Centered Personal Training

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