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Max Adler

Founder & Head Coach

Max Adler (he/him) is a USA Amateur Boxer, Coach, and Personal Trainer with over decade of experience. Max has worked at various Boxing Gyms in NYC including Church Street Boxing & Everybody Fights, and has trained under champions at Legendary gyms such as Gleason's and Mendez Boxing. After years of competing in the female division, Max transitioned and re-entered the fighting world. After experiencing his own hardships as a trans person in sports and fitness, Max wanted to create a space where Trans/GNC/LGBTQ+ members of the community can come train and workout comfortably. Max looks forward to training people in OutBox's new home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  



Colline Laninga

Business Operations, Trainer,

& Nutrition Coach

Colline Laninga (she/they) offers personal training, nutrition, and health coaching at OutBox. They have 10+ years experience teaching and coaching competitive sports, and pursued a BS in Exercise Science at Brooklyn College.​


Colline designs classes and health coaching to meet individuals where they are at - whether it’s just wanting to feel good about moving their body or having specific training goals.


Colline's holistic approach looks far beyond someone's workout or diet. Gut health, hormones, immune function, medications, emotional health, and environmental factors are all taken into consideration to personalize an approach that works for each individual.

Certifications: ACE Personal Trainer & Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, M.S. in Clinical Nutrition



Strength Coach

DJ (she/her) is a fitness instructor & personal trainer who loves welcoming new people into fitness & wellness, finding movements that make people feel good in their bodies, and being unapologetically Black, Puerto Rican & Trans while she does it.


Strength training and circuit work were incredibly important to DJ during her gender transition as she worked to make her body a home, and she hopes to share that love for movement with others.  DJ's classes involve HIIT and Circuit training with lots of modifications to provide a burn for both beginners and more experienced folks. 


Tray Drew

Strength Coach

Tray Drew (they/them) is a transmasc non-binary ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist creating safer spaces for queers to build knowledge and confidence in the gym. Tray meets each client at their own capacity, supporting them on their fitness journeys to connect more with their minds and bodies. 


Having earned a Masters of Public Health, Tray was drawn to the world of fitness and began to pursue further education with a lens of making fitness accessible to all people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, size, or ability. Driven by the desire to tailor unique workouts to each of their clients in a comfortable space, Tray built a home gym where they have been working out with clients for the past year.

Tray’s classes are circuit style (series of timed exercises with breaks in between focusing on the entire body) with a combination of resistance training and cardio to gain strength and build endurance. All bodies are welcome and modifications are provided.

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